S. L. McGee

Makaela is an unassuming San Diegan who is looking to transition out of her job, and into a new career path, except an unexpected path is already chosen for her by way of a mysterious new CEO. She learns more than she wants to know and now has to learn how to navigate through this new world, and the dangers that may come with it. Already leery of men and relationships due to a past tragedy and pitfalls, she has to decide whether to put her trust in this newcomer, or die trying to escape his grasp. At least she has some good friends she can count on.

Follow along Makaela Williams’s captivating, humorous, and sensuous journey in book 1 “Voices on the Air” and book 2 “Whispers of the Flesh” by Shea McGee. Both available on Amazon.

Book 3 “The Sorceress” coming soon.

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